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Munchausen's Kiss :iconqueenselphie:Queenselphie 1 0
I've still got a poem in me, for you.
I know it, I feel it, I sense that it's true.
All of the feelings, all of the pain
forged into language-rich links of hot chain.
I've still got a sonnet, I've still got a rhyme -
there's only so much can be healed by time.
I need the catharsis, I crave the release,
the flow of the words out; the influx of peace.
I've still got a verse and it sits in my bone;
I'll know when it's ready, I'll know when it's grown.
the torch of my feelings is still hot and lit,
and my poem for you - well this isn't it.
More like a precursor, more like a trial run,
a practice, a test flight, a battle half-won,
a vanguard or herald for what's on the way -
my rhyming-verse closure - can't be here today.
I've still got a poem in me, for you.
I'm holding it back for a careful review,
but when it is free I fear it's just the start
and I'll always have poems for you, in my heart.
:iconqueenselphie:Queenselphie 3 0
Dress design by Queenselphie Dress design :iconqueenselphie:Queenselphie 8 0
Little Poems about You
You were the sunshine
that once lit my days,
the glow of the orb,
the warmth of the rays
but since the sun set
beyond my life's sea
the light has been
leaking out, gradually.
Who knew a decade
could be spent in the dark?
Away from your sunshine,
away from your spark?
Yet I've always known
that you were the one
and you can't see the colours
without the sun
Strange how a decade
can spill through your hands
even if they cup and cherish;
even if they press and pray -
Pads together, palms apart.
Strange how a person
can leak from your life,
even if you kiss and hold them,
even if you stay nearby -
lost to your heart.
Strange how a lover
can flow from your arms,
even if you try to grasp them,
even if you plead and cry
backs together;
poles apart.
How I want to be the pen
you tucked inside your shirt today,
Nestled there against your skin -
please let me in;
please let me stay.
In my mind we're at her we
:iconqueenselphie:Queenselphie 2 0
Ex Marks the Spot
I think about you all the time
though now twelve years
have sieved through us
and things have tangled in the net
like friendships, places; dust
from rooms I can't forget.
I talk about you all the time
and time has left a bruise on me;
a dozen circles 'round the sun
have hammered home; I felt the clout,
the blow, the sting, the final sum -
you're what I'm all about.
I wonder if my love is real
or may yet be obsession;
does a decade make it true,
or just a sad and false pursuit
following the ghost of you;
bitter-sweet forbidden fruit?
Do you ever notice me,
and my undying hope?
I sometimes think I may be stuck,
a silenced phone that's calling;
a broken record, out of luck,
a lifetime back
and falling.
:iconqueenselphie:Queenselphie 0 0
Quiet Nights
I haven't dreamt of you in months
somehow I miss your haunting
though why I should, I do not know
for who could like such taunting?
I haven't dreamt of you in months
my nights are quiet and undisturbed
why should I long to feel again
all jumbled and perturbed?
I haven't dreamt of you in months
- it feels a little lonely
though I know the "you" I meet
in dreams is really just a phony
I haven't dreamt of you in months
and find I miss the fantasy
return; let us pretend it's real
my darling, lie to me.
I haven't dreamt of you in months
please come to me in sleep
and bring the past with you, like light
I reach for but can't keep.
I haven't dreamt of you in months
I miss you, darling, always
please visit me, I'm all alone
in my mind's empty hallways.
I haven't dreamt of you in months
no sweet illusion of a kiss
or conversation with your shade
I miss you, miss you, miss -
:iconqueenselphie:Queenselphie 1 0
Support Mechanism
In the shaking, quaking present
only one thing holds me fast;
coming from a decades distance
You - my sweetheart - from the past
Keeping steady my emotions,
stabilising my soul's tower.
I am shored up by the echoes
of love's long enduring power
Though you do not walk beside me,
though we've been apart for years,
these old photos bring me joy now
and your letters calm my fears
So old friend, old flame, old darling,
lend me strength from long ago -
your sweet well wont leave me thirsting
your words will raise me when I'm low
Sometimes I wonder if you feel it
when I draw on your sweet smiles
to keep me going - fly me lightly
over all the troubled miles
and if you noticed, if you knew that
all your jokes still make me laugh
would you mind being the one I
look to for help on my path?
I want to thank you for your friendship,
you will always be my muse.
Though present-you and I aren't close now,
your kindness is the hope I choose
Though our our parting was so painful,
you were always worth th
:iconqueenselphie:Queenselphie 0 0
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If you see a photo of mine in this gallery that you would like to use as stock but isn't labelled as such just ask me and I am likely to be okay with it.


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Check out my faves to see some great artists.



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
I'm a 29 year old crazy-cat-lady, living in York with my two insane felines and my lovely husband.

I'm an incurable old fashioned romantic, and love geeking out to sci-fi, video games, fantasy and manga.

Occasionally I can be found at that "work" thing, which is in a Library.

I love crafts and enjoy making my own cards, jewellery and artwork, and taking photographs. I wasn't able to take any art classes at school after I turned 14, which I really regret, as I definitely need some formal learning in order to improve.

Maybe one day I will go on a photography, jewellery making or drawing course, that would be good!


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